Sometimes, progress may seem slow and it can be difficult to know just how far you've come. Your answers to the clinical surveys provide useful snapshots of where you are in your recovery journey.

Comparing your responses before, after treatment and over time will enable you and your clinical team to monitor and celebrate your progress in the longer term. The surveys also form part of a wider effort to review and maintain the quality of care for patients like you.

The surveys will appear in the app as scheduled by your clinical team. In most cases, this will be at 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months after your procedure, followed by a yearly check-in. You will be sent a notification or email to make sure you don't miss them - so keep the app installed, and notifications enabled.

Some surveys will pop up automatically, after you have created an account or when you visit the Home page. Others may appear as a row on the Home page, from where you can open them when convenient.

Note: Survey responses are not monitored directly. Please contact your clinical team if you have any concerns about your progress.

NOTE: The content in your app is highly customised to you. Therefore, the precise appearance of each screen may vary from the images above.