If your clinical team is interested in your activity levels (e.g. if you are having orthopaedic surgery), your app may provide a permissions page that indicates if and how to connect your app to your mobile phone's activity data.

Connecting the app to your activity data can be a key step forward in helping your clinical team understand your progress, so please try to follow the steps provided.

If you are using an iPhone, you can connect your activity data through Apple Health. If you are using an Android device, you can connect through either Google Fit or Samsung Health.

If the permissions page says you are Disconnected, tap the switch and follow the instructions as follows:


  • Close your treatment app from the App Switcher

  • Return to the iOS home screen, and open the Settings app

  • Go to Privacy

  • Tap Health

  • Tap the row corresponding to your treatment app

  • Tap Turn on all to connect your activity data


  • Ensure that you have either the Google Fit or Samsung Health app installed on your device. Once installed, open Google Fit / Samsung Health and ensure that you are logged in and have consented to track activity data.

  • Return to your treatment app, and tap to enable the switch on the Permission page

  • If asked to select a Google Account, choose the same one used for Google Fit

  • When asked to give permission for your treatment app to access your Google Account, tap Allow

Exit the app, and launch the app again. After 1 minute, visit the Permission page again. If everything is set up correctly, the page should say you are Connected.