If you are signing up using Joint School, you will be asked to complete a very short form as follows:

  • Your first name

  • Your email address (required as a unique identifier for you)

  • Choose a password (write it down somewhere, you will need this to log into the app)

  • Confirm your password (type the same password you chose above)

  • Tell us whether you are using Joint School for your hip or knee

Click to submit the form, and wait a few seconds. Then check your email inbox on the mobile device you wish to use with the app. You should receive an email containing links to download the app for iOS or Android (the Joint School content is delivered through the myrecovery app). Tap the link and complete the download process.

After the app has downloaded, tap to launch it. You will see the front page like this:

If the app does not go automatically to the Login page, tap Already registered? Log inEnter the email address and password that you provided in the registration form. Wait up to a minute for the login process to complete, and all of your tailored content to be downloaded. You are now ready to use the app!

Why do you need my email address?

Because email addresses are unique, we use your email address as a unique identifier for you as a patient. It's also critical that we have a way of contacting you, to inform you of important changes to the app, or remind you of key tasks you may need to complete within the app (for example, to complete a short clinical questionnaire).

We will only ever use your email address for important information related to your treatment. We never provide email addresses to 3rd parties.